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What my clients have to say:

"Your exercise was extremely helpful and I know for a fact I'll be referring you over to anyone I know who has questions or struggles with this like we did"

"If you are on the fence about contacting Jessica...just do it!  She is helping us get debt free so we can achieve our future financial goals.  The best thing is that because we are using the tools she has given us, we were able to buy a house DURING a pandemic!"

"I especially appreciate your summary and suggestions, it really put things in perspective and makes me more hopeful that we aren't as dire as it's seemed"

"2019 has been a great year - because of your guidance; we just had to actually execute. We've paid off over $16k in credit card debt, started 529 plans for both kids, stashed away $3k in 6 months for Christmas - which has now become a "new tire" fund as well, and honestly also will pay for a Christmas trip for our family - all without dipping into our "real" money. Christmas shopping is not something I'm worried about, panicked about. It's planned and "paid" for already. We've built up our emergency fund by $4k as well. We have not followed the budget to a T, but I've used your budget form/spreadsheet and freed up money to allocate to other things because I was aware, where I was not before. THANK YOU!!"

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