What the heck is a zero-based budget???

So many people get overloaded with the idea of a budget. Figuring out where to start can be overwhelming, but it’s just like everything else…

When you break things down into steps, it becomes less intimidating

That’s where we can apply a zero-based budget into your life! Basically, all that means is that you budget your money one month at a time. At the end of your month, you want to have ZERO dollars left.

You want every dollar to go into your budget categories and ASSIGN the rest to debt. That’s right. Think of your debt as additional monthly payments that are NOT optional


$5,000 – in Income

$2,000 – in bills

$2,000 – in variable expenses (food, gas, doctor appointments, parking, etc)

$1,000 – Left over that goes STRAIGHT TO PAY OFF DEBT!!!

Once you use that $1,000 to pay off debt, you will notice that you have ZERO money left! That’s it! Sounds fancier than it is, right?

Don’t have any money left over? It’s time to start looking at both your bills and variable expenses. You CAN make adjustments. Many times, we can’t increase our income, but we can control our expenses. Stop waiting for that raise and figure out how to give one to yourself!!

I have built a budget spreadsheet that is super easy to follow!! Go HERE! It’s in excel, has tons of notes and suggestions written out FOR YOU! Takes the guess work out and puts you on the right track!

Template includes:

- Budget Spreadsheet

- Debt Payoff Planner

- Savings Tacker

Not budgeting isn’t working! Let’s get you on the right path to get DEBT FREE and FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT!!!

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