What is holding YOU Back???

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Getting our shit together can be tough. Like really tough. To begin, we have to filter through all of our baggage and acknowledge we have a problem…We want a better life, but it seems impossible. We might even try for a week or a month, but then we find it hopeless and give up.

Let’s talk about the main reasons we get stuck in hopeless and give up on hopeful.

Perspective Problems - People Problems - Process Problems

Perspective problems come up because you have no “WHY”. What is your reason for wanting/needing to budget. For me, it’s independence. I want to a have a life free of the stresses of money. I want to be confident in the idea that if something comes up, because let’s face it – something is always going to come up, that it’s not the end of the world. I can afford LIFE. Without a WHY, you have no motivation. Find your WHY and you will find your drive to get it done!

People problems tend to occur when there are too many cooks in the kitchen. We all have our own relationship with money. Spenders vs Savers, Men vs Women… we approach money differently. I have yet to meet a couple that didn’t argue about money at some point in their relationship. The hubs and I sure did! We approach the idea of money differently. It took some time to find our groove. A firm budget helped us navigate the conversation and helped us communicate SOOO much better! You have to start working together! And remember…On Paper, On Purpose!!

Process problems is by far the EASIEST to navigate. This is just finding the right process for you. What format works best – excel, writing it out, managing your money through an app – there are so many ways you can get the same result. For me, it’s in excel. I need to be engaged in my budget. I know where every dollar is going and plan for what might be coming up. If I don’t take a few minutes in the morning to go over my money, I don’t feel engaged. You will tweak your budget so much the first few months, but then you will get into a groove.

No matter which group you identify with, there is GREAT news! Drumroooollll!! You have now recognized your shortcomings so it’s time to FIX THEM!!!!! Yes! Get in there! Roll up your sleeves, forget your past and ONLY FOCUS ON YOUR FUTURE!

So what, you made a mess by spending too much on a car, credit cards, school, whatever. That’s the PAST! Only forward thinking from now on! OKAY??

Be Disciplined and Be Intentional

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