Student Loan Provider...not your friend

I’m not exactly sure how to tell you this, but you got scammed. Scammed hard. No it’s not some crazy dark web scheme, no it’s not a high tech hacker…… it’s your Student Loan provider…

Yep, they got ya….and they got ya goooood.

It’s so freaking easy to get a student loan. Some students don’t even know that’s what they are signing up for when they get them! ‘Just sign here and we’ll give you MONEY’ Umm cool, sign me up…I love free money

You got duped in two ways:

1. They give you thousands of dollars and tell you that YOU will be making a ton of money and will pay it off in no time

2. The university also confirms this idea that your $35K loan will not be a problem because you will be making 6 figures when you get out


1. You were too young to make that financial decision

2. You WILL NOT BE MAKING 6 figures….for a while…like many many years (unless your Daddy is hiring you) If that’s the case, Congratulations, you have what we call a ‘leg up’.

The best advice I can give you is to:

- Worry about this now so you can move on from it quicker

- Make a budget – figure out what you have left to pay towards this debt. You will have enough…you might have to live with your parents for a while or get some roommates and cheap rent, but you can do this.

- Be realistic – you can’t afford a new car, condo, dinner and drinks out every night and pay off your debt quickly. You are gonna have to sacrifice some fun for a while (you had enough fun in college anyway – that’s why you have all these loans)

- Pay it off quickly – make extra payments. Get a second job. Even an extra $100 a month will make a ton of difference in the long run.

Not sure where to begin?? Reach out to me for help! Starting on the right path financially, will allow you to build wealth faster…this I can guarantee!

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