STRESS ALERT! Your money is moving in together!! EEK!

You are so in loooove. You want to ditch the separate accounts and open a joint account with your true love. Sounds magical, right? Nope, get ready…ooohhhh get ready

It’s super normal to fight about money. YOU WILL fight about money IF you don’t have a real plan in place. I’m going to help save you some time and headaches.

It can be a dream come true, if you plan

First – You need to create your combined budget

· List both your incomes at the top

· List all your monthly bills under your income

· List your ‘extra’ expenses – anything that’s not technically a monthly bill

o Food, gas, doctor, movies, etc

· Figure out what’s left. Here is the equation =income-bills-extra expenses

o This leaves you with what’s left over.

Second – Communicate Communicate Communicate

· Talk about expectations

· Money Goals

· Lifestyle Goals

· Who will manage the money

You both need to be on board with everything listed above

For the fist year make it a point to have a money meeting with your partner. Weekly at first, then you will figure out your own schedule.

Your life is ever changing and so are your money ambitions. When a big expense comes up, talk about it and devise a plan together! After all, the money belongs to BOTH of you. Be a team!


· Use your fun money to pay off DEBT

· Then use your fun money to INVEST and have FUN with

· We use an allowance system. Every payday we get a certain amount of money. This is my monthly money to spend as I choose. This one thing has saved us from so many arguments. Check out my previous post on NEVER TOO OLD FOR AN ALLOWANCE!

Once you know more about each other’s spending habits and debt amounts, you will go in eyes-wide-open. It’s a big deal, just treat it like one.

Now you are READY! Go open that account!!

Questions? Email me! I’m here for you!!

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