Is using a budget app for you?

What is our richest resource?? The one thing we never have enough of?? The one thing we can’t make more of??


We live in a fast-paced world. We need all the help we can get, right? From guiding us through traffic, alerting us of a sale we simply can’t miss out on, to our ical that keeps our lives organized… we want them!

We want all of them!!

I tip-toe with caution when advising a client to use an app on their money tracking journey. Not because it can’t work, because it can… you just need to work up to that place

I recommend you spend a good 6+ months perfecting your budget – either on paper or in excel. You need to know your own setup before you can try to let loose of some control

I’m a big fan of reviewing/manually updating your budget EVERY DAY. It’s not time consuming, I promise. It’s more of a check-in, financially. I know what we spend, why we spend and what goes to debt payoff/savings/investing at any given point. This is the only way I find that you can truly get to a great place. GET INVOLVED AND STAY INVOLVED.

If you choose to track your money in an app, just know that you can’t just walk away. You need to stay engaged every day to conquer whatever money goal it is that you are working on.

Some to-do’s to check off before you try to app your money:

- Set up all bills on auto-draft

- Have your emergency fund set up

- Think about opening different bank accounts for different reasons (bills account, savings account, spending money account, allowance accounts, etc) to keep all your money in separate buckets

Basically, you need to simplify your money as much as possible.

Hope this helps you figure out if app’ing your money is right for you. It might be right for you, just not right now?

This is your journey. You will find your money groove. Have patience and I’m here if you need me!!

Remember, you can download my exact budget spreadsheet HERE!! It’s will save you some precious TIME! I promise!!

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