I can't budget because my income changes all the time!

Nah! Nope! Don’t even! That’s not a reason to not budget! That’s a reason TO budget!

Just because you have an irregular income does not make you budget-proof… sorry, you aren’t too weird. I will help ya!

Here are your TWO scenarios:

If you know what you make:

Pull the amounts you made each month for year. Pick the lowest month’s earnings. This is your new income budget. The idea here is that you want to always make more than what you have budgeted for. This ‘extra’ money, on top of your budgeted amount, can go straight to paying off debt or getting your savings where they need to be.

If you don’t know what you make:

This is maybe easier…if you don’t know what you make monthly at all and couldn’t even begin to piece it together, no problem! Still not an excuse to not budget. Just start with this month. Keep track of all cash you earn throughout the month. You can use this is as your new budget income amount. If you think you were ballin’ a little more this month than last month, budget your income lower.

It’s YOUR budget. You can adjust it at any time!!

Just remember to budget to your LOWEST month!!! If you are budgeting to a higher income than you ACTUALLY make you will constantly be over budget… and feel broke

Make it easy on yourself! Make it as practical as you can FOR YOU!

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