Credit Cards don't have to be the enemy!

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

Do you love to vacation! Um, yes people, me too. Unfortunately, my debt payoff has taken a front seat and my vacation brain had to look on from the trunk of the car. I mean, that’s the responsible thing to do, right? Why invest thousands of dollars in a vacation when you have that dang credit card debt looming? Why not do BOTH!!!!! YES!!

Take HUGE advantage of credit card points. In two years, we went to Hawaii with FREE Hotel and nearly free Airfare. Shut.the.front.door! I’m serious! There are all kinds of travel credit cards out there. Get one and get one NOW!

How to make it add up quickly, you ask??

First and foremost, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You will need to learn how to have a healthy, productive relationship with your credit card. No more putting random expenses on the old card so you can figure it out later. This is STRATEGIC CHARGING.

Take a look at your budget – I can create one if you want me to! Figure out what recurring bills you have each month that can be paid using a credit card. I personally have about 10 monthly bills that can be put on a credit card.


- Cable bill, Food delivery (we use Blue Apron and Amazon), Netflix, App TV, phone bill, gym membership, maid service

You can do 1 of 2 ways

1. Pay off the charge when it hits your card

2. Make one large payment once a month (this is what I do)

In no time you will start racking up those points! Remember, you have to pay it off though! At least EVERY month!

As long as you are paying the amounts off each month, you aren’t carrying that balance. Because I have a budget, I know what I can actually afford to put on my credit cards. No longer do I work for my credit card debt, my credit cards work for ME!

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