But I'm too broke to budget!

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Why create a budget when you are broke?

Ladies and Lads, listen up. You set a new goal – to get in shape! Finally use that gym membership you bought 2 years ago! Only thing – and this is big. You are so out of shape, that you need time to get in a little bit of shape..??? You workout at home for 2 days and are OVER IT! Back to paying that monthly membership fee and daydreaming of being fit.

Why in the world do we think this way? Get your butt to the gym! That’s what the gym is for. You don’t have to ‘gear up’ to go! JUST FLIPPING GO!

It’s 100% the same with your budget. So many people tell me “I’m going to do it next month when I’m in a better place”. Let me tell you something – you aren’t going to be in a better place next month. Sorry, truth-bomb!

I know it’s scary. Like really scary, but I promise you will feel better. You need to see your money life in black and white! If you are broke, you need to see how broke you are. If you make money and have no idea where it goes, this is your way to find out.

Remember, I’m here for you!

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