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Updated: May 7, 2019

Ladies and Gentleman! It’s time! We are adults! Let’s get out of debt!

I’m finally past the FOMO stage of my life, and have realize that experiences mean more to me than possession. Hey, don’t get me wrong, I like to shop, but I’m smarter about it than I was in my earlier years. More posts to come on saving those dolla dolla bills, yo

So, where did my love of money come into play? I majored in Finance in college, but my romance with the Benjamins is genetic. My mom is a budgeter (that’s a title, right?). I learned at a young age that if I wanted something, I had to sacrifice. This doesn’t go away the older we get no matter how many zeros you have in your bank account. To get a lot, we gotta give a lot! Get a goal and reach it!

So, back to the basics. I majored in Finance, but I learned about personal finance the same as everyone else. I read all the books. Once you read the books, you get excited! Super excited! Build your budget and take a whole year trying things on your own … many times failing. Let my failures, be your lessons! Don’t do as I did – Do as I do NOW

First things first – build a budget. Like the saying goes… “If you build it, wealth will come!” Or something like that

1. Download 3 whole months worth of bank activity.

2. Categorize every row

a. Income – what you bring home

b. Recurring expenses – your monthly bills that you know are due every month

c. Non-recurring expenses – food/gas/doctor appointments/parking/etc – anything ‘elective’ or not considered monthly bills

3. Assign a value to each. Pick the highest amount due over the last year if you need to. If you know you pay more on your electricity in the summer, go back to July to figure out what you paid. That is your new budgeted amount. You want to always be under your budget amount. This extra money is what you use to pay off debt!!!! Cha CHING!

4. Once you fill out your expenses into a spreadsheet budget (all 3 months need to be filled in so you get a true picture) and get a better idea of how much money you have left each month, it’s time to assign yourself your ALLOWANCE! You can do the old cash in the envelope trick, or do what we do, open separate checking accounts to deposit money into each Allowance Day. Much easier and I can shop online with my money! Haha shhhh I know, I know, budgeting is supposed to be boring. Well, to me, budgeting = SHOPPING OR VACATIONS! MY allowance = MY fun money

5. Now that you built your budget, get serious. I mean really serious. Adjust as you go. Spend the next 6 months playing with your budget. I work on/update my budget with expenses EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yep, every day. I might be crazy, but this crazy chick paid off her student loans within a year of starting this crazy journey

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST…drum roll please

6. You will fail.. a lot... Accept it and move on. You will get frustrated, and go way over budget some months but ya gotta be ok with it. Life happens, but this is why we budget.

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