Best Step by Step Plan to Follow - Baby Step IT!

Being secure in your money situation doesn’t mean you have to be debt free and a ton of money in the bank. Being secure starts with a plan! Once you have your path laid out for you, the end goal seems so much more attainable.

Just like any large goal, there is a process…you must take Baby Steps towards your goal, one step at a time.

When it comes to money, if you try to save a ton, pay off debt AND contribute to investing all at the same time you won’t make much traction.

We need that self-gratification of accomplishing. Checking something off our to-do list is so important for our mindset. Breaking things down into 7 goals is the way to go

Here they are:

1. Save $1,000 emergency fund

2. Pay off all your debt via Debt Snowball

3. Save 3-6 months of savings

4. 15% into a Roth and other tax favored retirement plans

5. Save for kid’s college

6. Pay off home

7. Build wealth

The number that takes the longest: #2


Number 2 is by far the most daunting. Don’t let it be. Snowball that debt. Don’t worry so much about your interest rate. List all your debt and sort them from the least amount owed to the most amount owed. Pay off the least amount first, then move to the next line! You will be so amazed at how quickly you can pay down debt with a proper plan in place.

No matter what step you are, be proud of yourself! You are making the necessary steps to get to #7. With the right plan, some intense dedication and ‘want’ that outmatches anything else, you CAN get there

You CAN DO IT, but until you do I’m here to help!!

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